Saturday, 17 September 2011

Certificate in Papercraft Unit 1 - Card 3

 And here is Card 3! It's a design by Sally Mcintyre and I got it from Crafts U Print. I glittered the black musical notes to add some interest and attatched the musical and silver vellum using square metallic brads.
Adain, any feedback is welcome thanks :-)

Certificate in Papercraft Unit 1 - Card 2

This is card two - a tent card. I think all the colours work really well and the different textures with the ribbon and flower.
Again, please feel free to leave comments :-)

Certificate in Papercraft Unit 1 - Card 1

 'Especially for you Easel card'.
This is my first ever Easel card and Im really pleased with the results. The Prom Dress is decoupaged and has clear gems picked out on the sash, hemline and shoulder straps.
Please leave any comments - they would be gratefully appreciated, many thanks Lynsey x


Well, it's been a few days since my last post, the first week back to work is always so manic so been a busy gal and have also completed my first Unit for the Certificate in Papercraft so look out for the cards appearing! I'd be grateful for any comments - good or bad!
So what have ai been up to?! Well, started drum lessons (had two now), bought a Drum Kit I've named Barry - long story, had a Police Band gig on Thursday and was playing at the Groves Bandstand in Chester earlier this afternoon! So a pretty busy time really!
Tata for now! :-) x

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Busy times!

Well it's been a few days, probably a week since I last posted. It's been a busy time, trying to get things done around the house, there is so much to do, also trying to get my head around my CiP course and made a challenge card (see Cards page) and back to work prep, lesson planners etc. Haven't been feeling great either, a lot of migraines and headaches the past couple of weeks :-(
  Last Sunday The Little Big Band were playing at Eaton Hall open day, went well but a long one (9 - 5!)! And Tuesday was a rehearsal with the Merseyside Police Band again a good day, lots of new music but a long day.
  I had a lovely afternoon with a couple of friends yesterday (Friday) and went to Nantwich for a mooch, what a lovely little town and fab charity shops :-) Lol.
  Today (Saturday) I was helping at a friends tea-party, long day but it was lovely to see so many brothers and sisters from the congregation all enjoying themselves and having fun.
Singing off for now, bedtime! x