About Me!

So, just a little more about me and the hobbies I mentioned, I love reading and have an extensive collection of books. My favourite authors include Clive Cussler, Dick Francis, Tess Gerritsen, Peter Robinson and I've just discovered Lee Child - fantastic author!
  Although Music is my profession, it's also a hobby and Im in several bands including the two previously mentioned. You get to go many different places and meet many interesting people and of course the variety of music thats out there is incredible!
  I am amateur photographer as well, I particularly love taking landscape shots, sunsets, animal,birds and macro shots of flowers. there are some pics on the photo page.

             I've started this blog I suppose as a bit of therapy to help me cope with things and tell people what Im up to. Life has thrown a curve ball in recent months. Our Mum died in February, she lost a battle with cancer. It was all very unexpected in the end, but my sister and I were with her and the Hospice staff were amazing. I was her carer & lived with her so life has completely changed. My sister and her lovely family live nearby so we have each other and we're getting closer which is great. A big part in getting through it all apart from my sister is my faith and my friends within the congregation. Im a Jehovahs Witness & I love it! :-) My friends have been very supportive including those in other congregations who knew Mum. She was a wonderful person and If I can be half the woman she was, I will be happy! Well, I think thats it! Thanks for reading and see you around!!! Lynsey :-)