Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Paperwork Day!

Whew what a day! I've literally just stopped (6pm). I've been shredding mums old paperwork since 10.15am this morning!!! :-(  She had receipts from 2004! Bless. The blinking shredder kept stopping and starting, it better get itself rested overnight because there's still some paperwork left for tomorrow!!! Im sure the binmen will love me on Monday - thats if they take it! Pooped, right Im off to have my tea! Tara! xx

Monday, 22 August 2011

Last few days

It's been a few days since I last wrote, it was a busy week! Sunday afternoon was spent at my sisters with some friends for lunch and a catch up which was nice. Today has been more house sorting and being brutal with getting rid of teddies etc. I got rid of 4 binbags full in the end. Freecycled everything and mostly everything has gone which has been great!
Went to clarinet group tonight, just the 4 of us but was nice all the same. More sorting tomorrow, a day of shredding paperwork etc - oh the joys!!! And hopefully do some more of the Learning programme exercises for the Certificate im doing.
Anyway, it's late so IM going to bed - goodnight! x

Friday, 19 August 2011

Fabulous Friday :-)

Well what a great day, although I've not felt brilliant (still bad head) it's been a lovely day. First of all ministry this morning with the lovely Joanne Holland (although it was more talking!!) and a truly fab afternoon with the lovely Rosemary Merry & Nige :-) Had a fab time, so thank you to all of you. I truly am blessed to have some wonderful friends :-) xxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Not a good day.

Today has been a bit of a struggle, woke up with yet another migraine which despite meds and bed hasnt eased so Im feeling quite washed out and tired with it. Ho hum.Still made it out on field service this morning though which was nice and we all piled back to Nessa and Roys for coffee break at 11am ish. Out again tomorrow, so will say goodnight as need to get some rest x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


        Woke up with another bad head :-( Have got some boring jobs and paperwork planned this morning then pre-study and watch the DVD for the meeting tonight. It's the CO visit so really looking forward to that and ministry all week so a good spiritual boost ahead. :-)
Have a funeral to go to this afternoon, it will the first one Ive been to since Mum passed away. These things are never pleasant but I want to be there to support my friends.  
  Well, nothing else to report so I wish you a good day :-) x


Had a bit of a strange day yesterday, was meant to be going to the Zoo but woke up with a migraine so took a raincheck and hopefully go in the next couple of weeks. Sorted some of my craft stash out instead, it's so difficult trying to part with things lol! Had a bit of a snooze then went out to clarinet rehearsal in the evening, very enjoyable and we had a good laugh again. Played some good music and it's getting better each week :-) x

Sunday, 14 August 2011


So i dont think I've mentioned anything about the challenge the Music Dept at work have set themselves have I?? Six of us are doing it, I suggested doing a Grade 1-a-thon for charity, the way it works is that we learn an instrument we can't currently play from a different family, so my choice was to move from woodwind to brass - the French Horn to be precise!! We have already set the exam period - Spring 2012, and we are going to get sponsored to do it and donate the proceeds to the local Hospice (where Mum died). Oh and we have to get a Merit at the very least. How embarrasing to tell your students that you've failed your Grade 1 or just got a Pass!!! Good motivation, and there is some friendly rivalry emerging too lol :-)
      Well I've had a very enjoyable afternoon tootling on it again, sound is getting better to produce and tone is getting better too, mind you I suppose it's not bad as I've only played it three times for about half an hour each time!! Lol! I LOVE IT!!!! Im sure the neighbours dont, but who cares?! It's so much fun :-) really looking forward to the musical journey,
     signing off for now, Ciao Lynsey x

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Little Big Band gig.

Well, I've just got back in from a Little Big Band gig (please check out their page on Facebook!). we were playing at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Liverpool, very swanky, a Pepsi cost £4 for a glass!!!! Anyway it was a wedding bash - our pianist actually. He got married today to the lovely Maria, so many congrats Mr and Mrs Larkin :-) so we were asked to play a 45 minute set which was nice.
Well Im off to bed, am shattered! Bye for now x

Friday, 12 August 2011

Craft room/Office area

Well, today has been more sorting out and furniture moving but things are finally heading in the right direction! My Craft Room/ Office is starting to take shape and my bedroom actually has a lot more space than I thought!! lol :-) Can't wait for it all to be finally done and for the house to become a home instead of the tip it is!

News :-)

      I've been crafting for about 6 or 7 years in my spare time and I have to say it's very addictive! I've just been accepted onto the Certificate in Papercrafting course and am really excited about starting that but am looking forward to learning new techniques etc! Crafting is such a relaxing hobby and very rewarding. It takes your mind off things at least for a little while! We all need a little de-stressing don't we?!
   Thanks for reading :-) x