Sunday, 14 August 2011


So i dont think I've mentioned anything about the challenge the Music Dept at work have set themselves have I?? Six of us are doing it, I suggested doing a Grade 1-a-thon for charity, the way it works is that we learn an instrument we can't currently play from a different family, so my choice was to move from woodwind to brass - the French Horn to be precise!! We have already set the exam period - Spring 2012, and we are going to get sponsored to do it and donate the proceeds to the local Hospice (where Mum died). Oh and we have to get a Merit at the very least. How embarrasing to tell your students that you've failed your Grade 1 or just got a Pass!!! Good motivation, and there is some friendly rivalry emerging too lol :-)
      Well I've had a very enjoyable afternoon tootling on it again, sound is getting better to produce and tone is getting better too, mind you I suppose it's not bad as I've only played it three times for about half an hour each time!! Lol! I LOVE IT!!!! Im sure the neighbours dont, but who cares?! It's so much fun :-) really looking forward to the musical journey,
     signing off for now, Ciao Lynsey x

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